Calendar of Events
March 2020
  1. 2nd- The challenge of climate change
    Join Mayor Nancy Hersman along with a panel of environmental experts to learn what the City is doing to address climate change, from a local perspective. Manhattan Beach prides itself as an environmental leader and strives to create a healthy, sustainable, and resilient city, both as a community and as a city government. The City is taking active steps toward being prepared for climate change, sea level rise, extreme high tides, frequency of storm events, and coastal erosion. In doing so, guests are invited to learn about how the City is addressing this global issues with local solutions. Panelists will discuss: 1. The effects of sea level rise at the City and region; 2. How stormwater affects the environment; 3. What the City is doing to respond; and 4. How you as an environmental steward can contribute to a sustainable Manhattan Beach and world. Guests include: Mayor Nancy Hersman Mayor Nancy Hersman is serving in her first term on the City Council of Manhattan Beach (2017 – present) and has experience as a businesswoman, corporate attorney, elected School Board Trustee, Parks & Recreation Commissioner and Planning Commissioner. As Mayor, Nancy has championed environmentally conscious causes such as: clean energy, tobacco pollution, plastic pollution and more. Dr. Juliette Hart Dr. Juliette Hart serves as the Director of Outreach for the Coastal Climate Impacts Team at the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center at USGS. Through this work, she leads outreach and stakeholder engagement, working to connect science with coastal stakeholders. Stephanie Katsouleas Stephanie Katsouleas is the City’s Public Works Director and has served in that role since 2016. As Public Works Director, Stephanie aims to implement environmentally sustainable practices by addressing pollution prevention, waste, pesticide management, stormwater runoff and recycling. Kim Lewand Martin Kim is an environmental lawyer and founder of Grades of Green, an environmental education nonprofit. She spent 15+ years representing environmental groups stem pollution of our land, sea, and sky. She also taught Environmental Law at Pepperdine Law School and UCLA Extension. Dana Murray Dana Murray is a Marine Scientist and the City's Environmental Sustainability Manager in Manhattan Beach. Dana crafts environmental sustainability policies and programs for the city, including climate resiliency, coastal adaptation planning for sea level rise, reducing plastic pollution, smart water management, and climate change mitigation. Kevin Whilden Kevin Whilden is a sustainable business entrepreneur and geologist. Kevin has a wide range of expertise in sustainable business and policy, and the scientific expertise to explain why it matters.
April 2020