Lauren Glick Fitness
She is from the South Bay,  She is a retired firefighter after 10 years of service and now she is helping women Conquer and Thrive, taking back their bodies, losing weight and feeling so much more confident about themselves!

You're probably thinking to yourself ... How would this 35 year old know about taking back energy and life happiness!?

Girl I have been there done that!  I use to work in an Extremely busy city with a lot of gang violence and live active fire every 24 hours.  Talk about being burnt out.  6 medical calls a night ... no sleep and then working constantly all day running medicals, training, fires, car accidents on the highway, and that's just the beginning!  Can you imagine being the only feminie female with a bubbly personality around a bunch of men that didn't even want me in the fire house?  I know ... its 2020 ... and that STILL HAPPENS!
The past two years, I have taken back my life,  my body and my mental health ... and evolved as a human, became happy and knowing it'[s a choice!  
Do you want to know how!?
I bet you do! 
Find me on Instagram:  @TheLaurenGlick
I run a 12 week online fitness training program.
Yes I did day online! Trust me ... it works ... don't let fear of being comfortable take over. The only constant is change, and I would love to help you evolve. 

For more info:
email: [email protected]​​
Find me on Instagram:  @TheLaurenGlick
We are a studio gym in the heart of Manhattan Beach that caters to people of all fitness levels! We teach classes focused on high interval training, cardio, boxing, boxing technique as well as strength and mobility. We are a one of a kind space built and guided by community and are a driving force when it comes to outreach and monthly youth programs. Beastie is dedicated to helping people reach their optimum physical fitness and always challenging their members to push past their limits. ​

Beastie stands for Bravely Executing All Set goals To Inspire and Ensure Success and that is what we aim to do every single day! 

2317 N Sepulveda blvd, Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266
We make organic small batch, hand crafted herbal tinctures and tonics using the time-tested wise woman tradition, a lot of love & a little green magic.

One of the many great products created at Practical Magic gealing is the elderberry Elixer.

"I make this powerful immune boosting elderberry elixir is by combining elderberry tincture with elderberry syrup giving you all the benefits of both. “Health benefits of the elder plant include naturally improving colds, the flu, sinus issues, nerve pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, allergies, constipation and even cancer. When used within the first 48 hours of onset of symptoms, the extract has actually been found to reduce the duration of the flu with symptoms being relieved on an average of four days earlier."
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Top 10 Tips To A Healthier Dog​​

We all want our pups to live a long, happy, healthy life and there are things every dog parent can do to help make that happen. Here are 10 tips to help any dog feel happier and healthier.​​​
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5 Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar​

From getting more Zs to savvy supplementing, we've unearthed the top nutrients for even-keel blood sugar to help reduce your risk of inflammation, a precursor to many health conditions.​

The secret? Maintaining the right blood sugar, or blood glucose levels, in order to deliver optimal cellular functioning. But getting the right balance is more complicated than skipping refined carbohydrates and other processed foods. It comes down to choosing the right nutrients and supplements in order to avoid the highs and lows.​

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5 Ways to Balance Your Hormones

Balanced hormones equal a balanced mood and healthier body. Follow these five recommendations for a sunnier outlook and radiant health.Spring cleaning can extend way beyond your home to your health — beginning with your hormones, which regulate just about every function in your body. When the endocrine system – the collection of glands that produce hormones to help your body function optimally – is out of whack (which can happen easily as you transition from one season to another), it can affect everything from blood sugar and mood to risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Getting the right nutrients and supplements flowing into the endocrine system, however, can make things right again — leading to more energy for spring cleaning, or come what may this May. Follow these tips from Laurie Steelsmith, ND, author of Natural Choices for Women’s Health (Three Rivers Press, 2005), on balancing your hormones through eating clean.​
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Benefits of Mindfulness

It’s a busy world. You fold the laundry while keeping one eye on the kids and another on the television. You plan your day while listening to the radio and commuting to work, and then plan your weekend. But in the rush to accomplish necessary tasks, you may find yourself losing your connection with the present moment—missing out on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. Did you notice whether you felt well-rested this morning or that forsythia is in bloom along your route to work?​
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