Non Profits

South Bay's non profit and community organizations are some of the most active in and around the area.

They do exceptional work by serving the community benefitting all segments and groups in the community on many levels from cancer support to after school programs, parenting support, and programs for the senior community among others.

By sharing their profile and scope of work, we hope to encourage the members of the South Bay community to get to know and recognize their valuable contributions and join them in their worthy efforts by volunteering and donating to their cause. 

That all children have a healthy sense of self, feel loved and believe they can accomplish great things 
Develop and implement effective social and emotional learning programs for at risk youth from elementary to high school to influence positive habits, social and emotional awareness and healthy relationships.
Our goal is to create positive and personal differences in the lives of at-risk children so they can achieve productive lives, live with healthy habits and maintain peaceful attitudes toward themselves and others.
We do this through teaching essential skills that influence the development of compassion, good choices, positive attitudes and confident minds.
We aim to:
Ensure that all at-risk children we reach through our programs and events feel loved and derive skills that support their development and healthy sense of self
Be a source of unique empowerment programs that children otherwise would not have
Build healthier communities by investing in the positive development of children
Provide easy and rewarding opportunities for individuals & corporations to give back
We celebrate when children become successful because they choose to be happy, kind, respectful and competent adults!
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